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Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling and Dug Wells

Drilled and dug wells are an essential means of supplying water to properties without access to municipal services. Clarity AquaTech can provide guidance and advice on the best pump systems and tanks to bring clean, safe water into your home.

Clarity provide a one stop shop for all your onsite water management needs. This means that instead of having to coordinate different contractors for each system, our approved Clarity installers will carry out a full assessment of your site and discuss potential solutions to suit your requirements and fit in with the overall design of your property.

Please contact a Clarity representative by visiting our contact page.

Servicing and Repairs

We can provide regular servicing and repairs for any drilled or dug well. We recommend annual maintenance checks of your well system to monitor the quality of the water and ensure the well is operating properly, thereby prolonging its years of service. If you also own a Clarity Biofilter or any of our other water management systems, we will be happy to coordinate servicing of all your systems.

We offer a range of systems including:

  • Well drilling
  • Pumping systems
  • pH adjustment systems
  • Flow meters
  • Filters and automatic strainers
  • Colour/contaminant removals
  • Water disinfection systems
  • Gas detectors
  • Industrial controls and automation
  • Pressure, temperature and level measurement systems
  • Remote monitoring equipment
  • well digging cost
  • water well filtration system
  • well drilling contractors

To arrange a site visit or for more information about our servicing packages please contact us.

Why not download our Drilled and Dug Wells brochure?