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Water Filtration

Does the water in your home ever smell like rotten eggs? Clarity AquaTech can help...

Our well water filtration systems eliminate odours and ensure that the water coming into your home is always fresh and clean. The rotten egg smell is a fairly common problem if your household water comes from an onsite well and the culprit is usually hydrogen sulphide in your well water.

Although sulphur bacteria are not harmful, hydrogen sulphide gas in the air can be hazardous at high levels. Sulphur bacteria also produce a slime which can block pipes and plumbing if left untreated.

Hydrogen sulphide can be the result of sulphur bacteria in the well, water distribution system or inside water heaters and can be removed manually by our licensed well contractor to eliminate the odour. However, hydrogen sulphide can also occur naturally in groundwater, in which case you will need to install a water filtration system.

Clarity AquaTech's water filtration systems neutralise hydrogen sulphide so the water is purified before it reaches your house. Depending on the levels of hydrogen sulphide in the groundwater we can supply either an activated carbon filter (for low levels), an oxidizing filter (for mid levels) or an oxidation-filtration systems (for high levels).

Your Clarity representative will be happy to discuss each option with you and determine the best solution to suit your needs.

Servicing and Repairs

well Water filtration systems require regular servicing to maintain the quality of water coming into your home. We recommend annual servicing to maximise the performance and longevity of your water filtration system. If you also own a Clarity Biofilter or any of our other water management systems, we will be happy to coordinate servicing of all your systems.

To arrange a site visit or for more information about our Water Filtration servicing packages please contact us.

Why not download our Water System Filtration brochure?