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Septic Systems

Septic tank and leach field supply and install

A residential customer in rural Witless Bay recently approached us to enquire about an Infiltrator septic system. We thought we'd catch up with them and find out how their experience was:

Which of our septic system products did you choose?

The Infiltrator Tank and Chambers.

How did you hear of Clarity Aquatech?

Your office is on the main road in Witless Bay!

What made you decide to buy your product or system from us opposed to another supplier?

The chambers give us the possibility to have a larger leach field capacity while using less surface area, and the cost of the tank and chambers were comparable to "traditional" options. Also the tank does not need to be water-filled prior to operation/after it's been pumped out, which is an important feature when your home uses a surface well.

Were there any specific needs or challenges associated with your property or the installation?

This was a replacement for a very old "home-made" septic tank, which had been installed long before the property was subdivided. The subdivision did not account for the space required for a modern septic field, so it was challenging to find a leach field arrangement that would work and also conform to provincial regulations.

How is the product or system operating now?

It seems to be operating fine!

Would you recommend Clarity Aquatech to a friend?

Yes absolutely.

If you would like to find out more about our septic systems and which one is right for you,please get in touch.