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Septic Design

Approved Septic Designs

Under the Approved Designer policy of the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Government Services, the initial inspection of a building lot with proposed on-site sewage services must be carried out by a Government Service Centre Approved Designer. Our approved installers are fully trained in septic design and are able to design solutions to suit virtually any lot.


We begin with a full site inspection which assesses various elements including soil type and quality, site conditions and environmental factors including the distances to watercourses and surrounding properties.
We will then create a test hole to analyse the potential site where the absorption field is to be situated to ensure we provide a system that will offer efficient dispersal of the effluent.

Final Septic Designs

Once these factors have been determined, our approved designers will create a detailed septic design using Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD). This design can then be incorporated into your architectural drawings. We will also submit a copy of the design to the Government Service Centre for approval.

To discuss your septic design requirements, please contact us directly.

img biofilter diagram