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Meet Our Resident Water Systems Expert

Here at Clarity AquaTech, we are very lucky to work with one of the leading on-site water system experts in the industry - our Technical Director, Francis Luby.

Francis has thirty five years experience providing residential and commercial clean water and wastewater management solutions. As a Newfoundlander, his local knowledge was key to the development of the Clarity Biofilter.

Servicing throughout our expansive province, Francis experienced first-hand why they call Newfoundland the Rock. With its perennial problems of poor soil conditions, harsh climates and difficult-to-impossible clean water and wastewater installations, Newfoundland and Labrador poses a challenge for any septic designer.

Working with Clarity AquaTech's consulting engineers, Francis played a major role in the development of the Clarity Biofilter - a water treatment system specifically designed to overcome these types of difficulties. He was responsible for many of the Clarity Biofilter's unique features, and without his expertise, the system would never have been able to achieve the high standards of filtering and purity of effluent that sets us apart from our competitors.

Once the initial design was finalised, Francis worked with our consulting engineers to get the Clarity Biofilter approved by Service NL. The company's goal was to get the Clarity Biofilter approved as a standard wastewater treatment system for Newfoundland and Labrador to ensure that it would be seen as a viable alternative to a septic system rather than a secondary product.

With his expertise in septic design, Francis was able to help the company adapt the initial design as required by Service NL until the system was approved as a standard wastewater treatment system. Not only that, but, thanks to the efficiency of the filtering technology, it was also confirmed that the system could be installed with a diffuser field that was 75% smaller than a traditional septic tank leach field. This means that the biofilter has a much smaller footprint and therefore requires less clear-cutting and excavation. It also allows developers and homeowners increased flexibility when it comes to the systems location, leaving more space for garages, outbuildings, driveways, walkways and trees.

Francis calm demeanour has always inspired loyalty and confidence from customers. He continues to work with customers providing site assessments, problem-solving and installations in a wide range of environments. His expertise and his proven customer service have earned him a reputation second-to-none for reliability, wisdom, and integrity.

With Clarity's new Biofilter system, Francis has found the on-site wastewater solution to overcome almost every challenge.

If you are interested in clean water or wastewater systems for your property or development and need expert advice, give Francis and the Clarity Team a call on 709 221 5100 or go to our contact us page.