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Environmentally friendly wastewater management

New onsite wastewater treatment system offers an environmentally friendly alternative to a septic tank.

If you've ever worried about the impact your septic system could have on your surrounding environment, then a Clarity Biofilter could be the ideal solution for you.

Up until recently, septic tanks have always been the standard means of handling wastewater from sinks, baths and toilets when access to municipal sewage isn't available. The problem with conventional septic systems is that they require a large leach field to distribute wastewater from your home. A leach field is basically a network of underground pipes, which filter the wastewater and disperse it into the subsoil over a wide area. This means you need to clear trees and plants and excavate a large area to install it in the first place.

These leach fields can also potentially cause problems if they become clogged, resulting in untreated effluent seeping into your soil and bubbling up to the surface of your garden. In these cases, you will have to dig out and replace the entire system plus a large portion of your garden. This is not only costly and time-consuming but also means that any landscaping you've done may be destroyed. Effluent could even seep up into your home leading to expensive repairs.

Clarity Biofilters essentially eliminate the problems associated with leach fields because the effluent leaving the biofilter has already been sufficiently cleaned.

This means that rather than using a leach field to filter effluent, the Clarity Biofilter simply diffuses the already clean effluent through a much smaller network of pipes into the soil, so it won't get clogged or contaminate the subsoil.

The Clarity Biofilter's diffuser can be up to 75% smaller than a conventional leach field and therefore greatly reduces the amount of clear cutting and excavation needed. This means it has less impact on the natural environment from day one. Plus it gives you more flexibility in terms of where you place the biofilter on your lot if you're building from scratch.

So how does the Clarity biofilter clean the effluent to such a high standard without the use of a leach field? The key is using naturally efficient filtering processes. Wastewater from the house flows into the biofilter where all the solids settle on the bottom and organic matter begins breaking down. The remaining diluted organic material is then processed over the media where naturally occurring bacteria break it down further.

A UV disinfection system disinfects the wastewater as it leaves the biofilter. At this point the wastewater has been cleaned to a standard that exceeds those required by Service NL. The wastewater then flows into a diffuser which disperses it into the soil.

Clarity Biofilters have been approved as a standard sewage disposal system for onsite wastewater treatment by Service NL and many homes in Newfoundland & Labrador are now seeing the benefits of having a cleaner, greener wastewater treatment system.

For more information on how Clarity Biofilters could benefit you, please contact us.