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Drainage Systems

EZflow Drainage Systems

The EZflow Drainage System is a geosynthetic aggregate pipe system for use in drainage applications. The system eliminates the problems (and costs) associated with gravel while providing maximum system life and performance.

Compared with gravel drainage systems, benefits include:

  • Pre-assembled 10-foot sections allow for quick and easy installation
  • Bundles can be installed by a single worker, saving costs on heavy machinery and labor
  • Engineered 30 sieve geotextile netting provides the necessary filtering of soil particles to prevent clogging
  • Easy to handle 10-foot bundle only weighs about 8 pounds
  • Modular design can be adapted to meet any design parameter
  • Ability to contour along sloped sites and around trees or landscaping
  • Over 50% void area for greater water movement
  • Will not crush, degrade or breakdown
  • A wide variety of diameters and configurations to meet any drainage need
  • Easier cleanup at the job site with the elimination of stone
  • Manufactured from recycled materials rather than a mined natural resource

Clarity Aquatech

To find out more, download the EZflow Drainage Systems brochure here.

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EZflow Downspout Drainage System

Did you know, as homeowners, you are responsible for all water that leaves your property?

The EZflow Downspout Drainage System is a water attenuation system that helps keep yards free from puddles and ponding during heavy rain. The system collects and stores rainwater runoff from roofs, allowing it to drain back into the ground, moving water away from your foundations without pooling or water damage.

The flexibility of the system means it is ideal for awkward applications or where space is limited. The recycled system also helps the environment by recharging groundwater.

Clarity Aquatech

Download the EZflow Downspout Drainage System brochure here.

EZflow is available in 10' lengths of geosynthetic bundles surrounding an internal pipe that connects the bundles end-to-end. Rainwater is captured by gutters and delivered via the downspout and inlet pipe.

Because the system is underground, it eliminates erosion ditches and potential hazards caused by conventional roof drains and ice build-up in winter.

To discuss your drainage needs or for a no-obligation quote, please get in touch