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Clarity Biofilters: North American Debut!

The unique Clarity wastewater treatment system launched into the North American market in June when it officially opened its office in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Unlike conventional septic systems, the Clarity Biofilter does not require a large absorption field, meaning the environmental footprint of this system can be reduced by up to 75% (depending on soil conditions). The result: less impact on the natural surroundings, reduced clear-cutting, and reduced excavation costs.

Suitable for both home owners and developers, the Clarity Biofilter has undergone six years of rigorous testing for Newfoundland and Labrador's unique conditions. In most cases, wastewater from the Clarity Biofilter exceeded required standards even before the wastewater had reached the absorption field, which simply acts as a diffuser to attenuate the effluent into the subsurface soil. The effluent is already sufficiently clean to eliminate soil contamination and undesirable odours.

Clarity Biofilters were approved as a standard sewage disposal system by Service NL in April 2015.

To discuss your specific requirements,
contact General Manager, Jeremy Cummings,
or Technical Director, Francis Luby,
at 1 888 324 7474.