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Biofilter Design & Installation

Interested in Buying a Biofilter for your lot? We cover the entire process of installing your Clarity Biofilter from initial ground assessment to installation and commissioning.

Ready to buy?
The installation of any new septic system must first be approved by Service NL and details forwarded to the Government Service Centre for approval.

Clarity Aquatech is an Approved Designer and can handle all aspects of the design, specification, application and installation on your behalf.

All sites are different, so we'll need to visit your lot or commercial property to understand your needs and take measurements before we can give you an estimate.

This process is completely free and you are under no obligation to buy anything from us as a result of a site visit.

Read our Buying Guide for more information on the process of buying a Biofilter.

We'll also explain how our biofilters work and answer any questions you might have. Once you have received your estimate and you're ready to go ahead and order your biofilter, all you need to do is get in touch with us and instruct us to proceed.

Ready to book a site visit? Contact us today.

When the order is underway, we'll create a detailed site plan and conduct a series of tests to ensure your biofilter complies with government sewage disposal and water supply standards.

We'll measure the depth of the ground water table, create design calculations for the design of your system with detailed drawings and land profiles. We'll then submit your application to Service NL for approval.

Remember our biofilters are approved as a standard sewage disposal system for onsite wastewater treatment by Service NL.
Service NL typically takes between 5 - 7 weeks to approve submissions. Once we have approval, we'll arrange an installation date that works for you.

When you purchase a biofilter from Clarity Aquatech, you'll also get a free three-month follow-up service visit and 18-month Warranty.

Questions? Get in touch and talk to one of our experts today.

Installation stage

During your install we will complete all excavations, installation of your Clarity Biofilter, including all testing and commissioning. At the end of the installation, our technician will explain how your new Clarity Biofilter works and check that you are happy with the install. At the start of the install we will ask you to make payment three.

Post installation stage
Once your install is complete and you are happy with the work, we will request our final payment from you and arrange for your final Service NL inspection.

On receipt of your final approval certificate from Service NL, we will forward all documentation relating to your install including a copy of your Service NL application, your commissioning certificate, owner's manual and information about our 18 month peace of mind warranty.

Please note: to ensure long and trouble free operation of your Clarity Biofilter it is important that you read your owner's manual and take note of our best practice guidance on using an on-site septic system.

Three months after your install, we will call to arrange a courtesy service visit.

On expiry of your warranty, we will contact you again to ask if you'd like to sign up for our discounted servicing plan.

Download our handy guide to ordering your Clarity Biofilter.

Clarity Aquatech

Retro Fitting

Clarity Biofilters are not just for new builds, Our biofilter retrofitting service allows fitting into existing properties.

Many customers choose to have a biofilter upgrade as a cleaner, greener alternative to a septic system.

Our biofilters have a smarter septic field design than most septic tanks and require a small diffuser rather than a large leach field. This means the system takes up much less space than the existing septic system for most properties and is therefore relatively simple to retrofit.

For more information on our biofilter installation, please visit our contact page and a member of the Clarity team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Clarity Aquatech