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About Us

Clarity Aquatech manufactures and markets environment-conscious water and wastewater products and services. We are committed to delivering innovative products and services fit for 21st Century living.

Our leading Clarity Biofilter is compact and environmentally friendly, using the latest clean filtering technology to produce purified wastewater at the outlet, removing all risk of ground and water source contamination.

We sell best-in-class plastic tanks made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic that significantly reduce energy consumption in both manufacture and transportation. They are corrosion-free, easy to manoeuvre, and work with an innovative and highly efficient drain-field system.

The company focuses on manufacturing and marketing products that are suited to, and respect, the Newfoundland and Labrador environment, and that contribute to the development of the green economy.

Both our Biofilter and Infiltrator tanks provide significant benefits in addition to their eco-credentials - home owners can gain more usable space on their lot for accessory buildings, landscaping or parking for example.

Our local area is characterized by many isolated properties that don't have access to municipal services. Soil in the area is often rocky and unsuitable for traditional septic tanks. This made it the perfect location to launch Clarity Biofilters - our flagship product.

Clarity Biofilters have been refined over the past six years to the point where they are able to produce an effluent that exceeds approved levels at the outlet of the biofilter meaning there is no need for additional purification via a leach field.

This means we are able to replace the conventional leach field with a diffuser - a much smaller network of perforated pipes whose only job is to disperse the clean effluent. This gives the Clarity Biofilter system a much smaller footprint so it can be accommodated into lots without any major excavation or clear cutting.

Clarity AquaTech now provides a range of biofilters to the Newfoundland and Labrador area as well as trusted plumbing, electrical and wastewater management services.

All of our products and services are developed with local people, local needs and the local environment in mind. To find out more, please get in touch or come visit us.

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Francis Luby

Technical Director

Francis has a proven track record in both residential and commercial clean water and wastewater management. For over 35 years, he has provided outstanding service.

From site assessment to installation to problem-solving in a wide range of environments, Francis has earned a reputation for reliability and integrity. Servicing the entire province, Francis has experienced all the challenges the Rock can present, including perennial problems such as poor soil conditions, harsh climates, and difficult clean water and wastewater installations.

Now, with Clarity's new Biofilter system, he has found the solution to overcome almost every challenge.

Jenn Prozesky

Office Manager

Jenn has recently returned home to St. John's after honing her professional skills in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the last number of years. With an extensive background in office administration, Jenn emphasizes the importance of integral executive support, office management and excellence in customer service.

Jenn brings both her career and personal insights to Clarity which enhance her logistical support to our staff. Moreover, with her keen administrative abilities, Jenn provides unparalleled oversight for our accounts, clientele, and systems management.