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About Clarity Biofilters

A cleaner, greener and more reliable septic tank alternative

Up until recently, septic tanks have always been the standard means of handling wastewater from sinks, baths and toilets when access to municipal sewage isn't available.

But now there's a septic tank alternative that offers a more efficient, eco-friendly, reliable and cost-effective solution to onsite wastewater treatment. Clarity Biofilters have been approved as a standard sewage disposal system for onsite wastewater treatment by Service NL.

The problem with septic tanks design

Conventional septic systems require a large leach field in order to filter wastewater. These leach fields are susceptible to clogging around their pipes, releasing untreated effluent into the surrounding environment where it contaminates the subsoil and eventually seeps up to the yard or into the home. This can cause serious damage and often results in the homeowner having to dig out all contaminated soil, meaning major cost implications, disruption to landscaping and even internal renovations.

Reclaim more of your yard from your eco septic system

As our diffuser field is up to 75% smaller than a conventional leach field, this frees up space that can be used for additional outdoor buildings, vehicle parking and even a bigger house.

To find out how a Clarity Biofilter could benefit you, please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Biofilter benefits

How are Clarity Biofilters different?

At the outlet of the Clarity Biofilter the wastewater has already been sufficiently purified. This means it will not contaminate surrounding soil or water sources so you don't have to worry about nasty odours or expensive maintenance and repairs for leach field failures.

Effluent is dispersed via a diffuser - a network of parallel pipes similar to a conventional leach field but much shorter as its only function is to diffuse the clean effluent. This means Clarity Biofilters have a much smaller footprint which reduces the need for costly excavations.

Clarity Aquatech

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